Friday, October 29, 2010

One Last Funday

Happy Halloween! Would you like a Trick or some Funds? For Rebecca, the answer is apparent and as such, for this final Friday blog; we shall be looking at the amount of funding and the spending that has been done by the Campaign to Re-Elect Rebecca McClanahan.

According to the Missouri Ethics Commission (MEC), Rebecca McClanahan has raised $48,521.31 by October, 2010. What we found to be most interesting was the amount of funds she raised in this month alone. In the last month, $15,745.00 were raised to help re-elect Rebecca; this totaled about 1/4th of her total funds. This last burst of contributions brings her overall total to $58,550, now, we can’t say if this is necessarily the norm for these races; however, this has clearly been above and beyond her needs thus far. As shown in the total amount of expenditures, we can determine that she is currently in no trouble of needing to take from her own personal funds.

When we look at the total amount of expenditures, one thing is clear: Campaigns are costly. The MEC reports that this campaign has utilized $11,757.12; this has largely been used to push her message, fund her managers, and organize the campaign’s plan and future stops along the campaign trail. This number is even more interesting when we look at how much has been required for the past month; as noted by many citizens, the amount of advertising and advocacy has been increasing steadily as the race has gone on. This can be translated in the total amount of funds spent in this last month: $5,347.30! Clearly, there is a lot of planning, funds, and staffing that goes into these elections. We hope that you have thoroughly enjoyed and learned from our blog, we are almost done with this election cycle and soon we will all find out who the winners are and whether or not it is true what they say…

MO Funds, MO Votes! Happy Halloween!

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