Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Night Fights

Tonight, we have a knock-down, drag-out fight between the two sides of the race for Missouri State Auditor!

In the red corner, we have Republican candidate: Tom Schweich. He is a fifth generation Missourian lawyer, whom attended both Yale and Harvard Law School. He has written a best-selling book, been the Chief of Staff to the U.S. Mission to the United Nations, and claims to be independent of the reach of this party and the ties that bind them. Let’s take a look at some of his ads, what he is aiming for, and what he claims to be the big issues in this upcoming election.

As the title indicates, many of the issues that he attacks his opponent on is that she has been taking and benefitting from the “failed stimulus” plans. In addition to this, his campaign pushes the idea that he is an “independent” candidate that stands up to all; supporters and opponents.

In this next section, he takes a look at his “Front Line Experience”, personal dedication to exposing fraudulent spending, and his natural “True Watchdog” background. Clearly his campaign is perpetrating the idea that Susan Montee has been personally benefitting from the irresponsible, wasteful, and deceitful habits of Washington politicians. He claims that his independence, education, and past experience makes him the prime candidate to replace Mrs. Montee as the Missouri State Auditor, but we here at MO Funds, MO Votes want to examine every side.  Let’s take a look at our blue corner, Democratic incumbent Susan Montee!

Montee has run positive campaigns in the past and has continued to run mostly postivie during this elections. In her 2006 campaign she worked with a Nashville based media consulting company, Fletcher Rowely & Riddle Inc. (formerly Fletch, Rowely Chao Riddle Inc), to produce TV spots that featured her 97 year old grandmother. This season Montee is focusing only on herself and her previous experience. Montee also speaks highly of being in the middle of politics saying "There's no Democrat or Republican way to do an audit.

In her first ad Montee focused entirely on her previous record as auditor but in her 2nd ad released shortly after she does a bit of picking at Schweich. She repeats her record as both a experienced CPA but also as an attorney where Schweich only has history of being a lawyer. Montee has worked as a CPA in both “private practice and in one of the nations largest accounting firms”. Montee received her law degree form the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Come back next week as we look at some of the local races and the local funding of these races!

FUN FACT: Tom Schweich's campaign slogan "I like Schweich" is playing off of the historic politcal campaign of Dwight Eisenhower, I like Ike. This phrase took Eisenhower to the White House in 1952, and Schweich is hoping this similar phrase carries him to office as well. 

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