Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Cream of the Crop Contributors to the Carnahan Campaign

Welcome back followers! We appreciate you keepin' with us for the past two weeks, but don't think the best part is over. Like my delicious bowl of Lucky Charms, we still have a lot of sweet, marshmallowy goodness left to come! For today's little treat, we will detail a few areas of Robin Carnahan's Campaign, she has currently raised over 8 million dollars and has done it with the help of some major fundraising organizations, this blog take a look at her top two donors, EMILY's List and ActBlue.

A top contributor to the Democratic Candidate for Missouri Senator (Robin Carnahan) Campaign is a Political Action Committee known as, EMILY’s List. They are a “community of progressive Americans dedicated to electing pro-choice Democratic women to every level of office.” This PAC was founded by Ellen Malcolm and has been contributing to these sorts of campaigns ever since 1985 and they have raised a total of $81,396,534 to date and $22,473,409 this election cycle ($598,862 of which has been put toward Robin’s campaign). The name of “EMILY” is actually an acronym for, “Early Money Is Like Yeast”. This comes from a political phrase which reads: “Early money is like yeast, because it helps to raise the dough.” This committee definitely gets brownie points for creativity and ambition as they seek to not only raise funds to get these candidates elected but they also have other programs related to this such as their: Political Opportunity Program and WOMEN VOTE! These programs strive to garner support for women starting up their campaign and to mobilize women voters, in the hopes of breaking record numbers for Democrats on Election Day.
EMILY’S List has specifically chosen to support Ms. Carnahan, due to her outstanding history and as a result of her Pro-Choice support. While this may injure her reputation with some voters (as Missouri is traditionally a conservative state, both politically and socially), she may also stand to gain more support via this increased funding to push this competitive race forward as well as advocating her feminine supporters to go out and become more involved with her and the issues that Carnahan is fighting for.

A second major contributor to Carnahan’s campaign is ActBlue. ActBlue is a Political Action Committee that organizes Democratic funding for candidates all over the country. This PAC serves as a “clearing house” for Democratic funding, harnessing the convenience of online giving. Anyone can start a page to raise money or plan a fundraising event for any Democratic candidate. This differs from other Democratic fundraising organizations like and EMILY’s List in that it will support any Democratic candidate.
This open system creates a network of grassroots fundraising events that on their own may not raise much by themselves but together are a powerful force. Act Blue was started in 2004 and has since raised $156,677,266. During this election cycle Act Blue has raised over 40 million dollars for thousands for Democratic candidates.

Come back on Friday to see the how the opposition is funding against Robin Carnahan!

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