Monday, October 11, 2010

Wes Shoemyer: Treading on Familiar Ground

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Like Brett Favre on Monday Night Football, we keep comin’ back to bring you the most intriguing information about campaign funding and advocacy! For this week we shall be bringing you some knowledge about Wes Shoemyer, running for Senate from the 18th District of Missouri.

    For this Monday, we shall be viewing how this campaign year compares to 2006 (the last time Shoemyer was up for election). As we look through these two campaign cycles, we will analyze how the support and financing has changed over the years.

    In 2006, Wes was elected as representative of the 19th District and during that campaign he raised $458,253. Shoemyer was largely funded by Democratic Party Committees from several districts around the state. In addition to this, he saw much support from local Unions and Law Firms. Wes came through for the Democrats in this election due to his great campaigning which displayed him very well to the local voters as a social conservative, down-to-earth Missourian. However, he still needed help from many Democratic committees to win the election of 2006. This will be a very interesting aspect of the most recent 2010 election. In this election, if Wes can’t garner support from other donors, he might run into more trouble in this hotly contested spot.
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So far during the 2010 campaign cycle Shoemyer has raised $285,076. Unlike in 2006 when most of his funding came from Democratic party committees, the majority of funding in 2010 has come from lawyers and lobbyists. Shoemyer is also heavily funded by health organizations and general labor unions.
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Shoemyer has received most of his campaign contributions from instate in the Jefferson City and St. Louis areas but has also received 10% of his funding from out of state including money from Washington DC and Cincinnati, OH.

Shoemyer recently received a contribution of $29,991 from KDH Consulting LLC in Jefferson City, MO. On Wednesday, we will be taking a closer look at this contribution as well as contributions from Riddle Braden INC also of Jefferson City, MO.

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