Monday, October 25, 2010

Teacher. Nurse. Representative.

It’s the Final Countdown (cue synth riff) here at MO Funds, MO Votes to the big Election Day! We are near completion and as such, we shall be covering a candidate that is very close to our fair Truman State University. During this final full week of posting we will be focusing on the Democratic candidate running for re-election as Missouri’s District 2 Representative: Rebecca McClanahan! District 2 includes Adair,Putnam and part of Sullivan counties. McClanahan is a nurse and former Truman State University nursing professor.

Followthemoney has not collected monetary information from McClanahan since July. Due to this lack up updated information we are not able to bring you current facts and figures at this time. We will do our best using current campaign finance reports and her previous political financial information to analyze McClanahan’s current campaign season.

In 2008, McClanahan raised $168,482, in comparison, her opponent Thom Van Vleck, raised $82,504. So true to our name, mo funds, mo votes. In a sector breakdown, the majority of McClanahan’s money came from party organizations, coming in 2nd is the health sector. This 2nd place contributor should not come as a surprise due to McClanahan’s extensive health background.

When looking at her 2010 October Campaign Finance Committee Report, it is clear that McClanahan is receiving quite a few small donations from citizens and labor organizations. The report was filed October 15, and covers donations ranging from late August through late September. During this period McClanahan raised $15,845.00. According to her 2008 October Campaign Finance Committee Report, during this same period two years ago McClanahan raised $27,380.00. McClanahan is raising less money this season, but still has 1 week left!

Come back on Wednesday as we hopefully give you more update information and inform you on some of McClanahan’s major supporters!

Don't forget! The election is only 1 week away!

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