Monday, October 18, 2010

Covering Up the Full Montee

Welcome back, concerned citizens! It looks like someone "has a case of the Montees" and we love it! This week is focused on the campaign for re-election of Susan Montee, Missouri’s money watcher or Missouri’s state auditor.
What exactly is an auditor? According to the Missouri state constitution an auditor, “shall establish appropriate systems of accounting for the political subdivisions of the state, supervise their budgeting systems, and audit their accounts as provided by law.” To sum this up, the state auditor makes sure everyone from county to state level is using money efficiently.

As with many of the other candidates we have focused during this campaign season, Susan Montee is majorly funded by law firms. So far this season Montee has received $138,296 from the Lawyers and Lobbyist industry.

This seems to be a trend across Democratic politics. Lawyers and law firms were the biggest source of contributions for both Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election. Law officials and other related professionals are highly involved in the political process. Montee’s previous connections through her previous careers as both an attorney and a Certified Public Accountant have most likely helped fund her current aspiration of keeping her position of State Auditor.
According to her October campaign finance report which was filed on October 15, Montee has raised $815,205.72. The data on, a political contributions site that focuses on state politics has not yet entered this updated data into their findings so please take this in account when looking at charts and graphs. When looking at the breakdown of individual donors versus institutional donors, Montee has received almost equal amounts. This means that not only are Missouri businesses supporting her re-election but so are Missouri citizens, since 92% of her contributions have come from in-state.

Come back on Wednesday when we look at some of Montee’s major contributors! To find out about the campaign funding for the “other side”, check out our classmate’s blog: Show Me the Money MO GOP 2010

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