Monday, November 1, 2010

Don't be a goat, get out and vote! (tomorrow)

It is almost time for us to part dear readers! As the 2010 campaign season draws to a close, and voting begins tomorrow, we would like to leave you with one more piece of wisdom. VOTE. All the cool citizens are doing it...

If you are not quite sure who to vote for, but would like some knowledge from some knowledgeable Truman Students check out our classmates' blogs! For finance info for these candidates, check out our blog or Show Me the Money MO GOP 2010

US Senator:
DEM: Robin Carnahan, check out Common Sense Carnahan
REPUB: Roy Blunt, check out Roy's Rangers

State Auditor
DEM: Susan Montee
REPUB: Tom Swcheich

State Senator
DEM: Wes Shoemyer, check out A New View On Shoe
REPUB: Brian Munzlinger, check out The Rural Red

State Representative
DEM: Rebecca McClanahan, check out The McClanahan Conversation
REPUB: Zachary Wyatt, check out Winning with Wyatt

For fact checking of campaign ads and other political materials check out
The Republican Watchdogs
Check Dem Facts

Confused about all of those propositions? Check out Adair Alerts

Find a polling location!

Come back on Wednesday afternoon for election results! Don't forget, MO Funds, MO Votes.

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