Friday, October 1, 2010

Dog Gone Fridays

Celebrations are in order fellow blog followers, for it is Friday! The day where the week seems to be slowly winding down and all of the troubles melt away into the weekend. As such, Carrie and I have decided that we should be discussing a lighter topic, one made for some simple recreational use. This brings us to the day’s topic; as many of you may note, there has been much discussion over the controversial and polarizing, “Proposition B” that is up for vote in the 2010 November elections.
Though this topic may not be explicitly about funding and advocacy, you can be sure that there are many groups trying to propel their view to garner enough support to either pass or block this difficult piece of legislation. This proposition is focused around placing restrictions on those issued by the United States Department of Agriculture to legally breed animals for sale. It would place a limit on the number of female dogs available per facility, as well as tightening the noose on previously instated restrictions that ensure the quality of care the animals are maintained and the necessary requirements in order for the individual to keep their breeding license valid. Truman State’s very own newspaper, Truman Index, has a great article online about this very proposition, here.

The differing sides of this issue have been very vocal about voicing their views on this issue, with each side being issued large donations and support from several sources (even a few from outside of the state). Republican House Majority Leader, Steven Tilley, was given a gracious donation of $100,000 in his fight to block this proposition’s passage. This large gift was issued by Rex Sinquefeld, a wealthy Missouri man whom is no stranger to the Show Me State’s policies, and will most likely not be the last from fellow politically-conservative donors as this issue grows and reaches that all-important, Election Day.  However, this is not to say that conservatives are the only side shelling out the big-bucks to push their desired position. Supporters of Proposition B have thrown down 1.7 million dollars already in the hopes of getting these limitations put in place.  Clearly those in favor have shown that they are dedicated to the cause and are ready to advocate their side to whatever means necessary.  Either way, this is shaping up to be one issue you should be sure to take note of.

Week one of MO Funds, MO Votes has finally ended; we hope that you have enjoyed yourself and learned a little along the way, but don’t worry, we are just getting started! Come back on Monday, when we will begin our discussion on Robin Carnahan, the Democratic candidate running for US Senator.

We hope you have a great weekend, from your friends at MO Funds, MO Votes,
 Carrie & Adam

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