Friday, October 15, 2010

Fun Friday F(v)ideos

Congratulations! You have found your way back to MO Funds, MO Votes for another Friday funday and like finding a wild beehive out in the woods, though it might seem daunting at first; we assure you that there is a sweet delectable center.

As we leave you to this glorious weekend (Homecoming at Truman State), we would like to discuss what to look for from Mr. Shoemyer in the weeks leading up to the election; in terms of what he will be advocating to the voters. As the Quincy-Herald Whig notes, “Jobs are the big issue in the district and the state.” As such, we can look to the Shoemyer campaign to be pushing the issues of job renovation, plus the expansion and creation of the job industry.

     Wes will also be pushing his grassroots image and service to this senate in the past. Over the summer, Wes exemplified his rural background by donating 1,200 ears of corn to the food pantries and nutrition centers scattered throughout the heartland of Missouri. In addition, his past service (particularly in the job sector) shows through in his being recognized by the Associated Industries of Missouri as a partner with the manufacturing and business sectors due to his “pro-business” history (a trait more commonly expected from Republicans).

    Look for these developments and more as Wes seeks re-election this fall with the help of his campaign contributors and supporters! Finally, before we leave you; we here at MO Funds, MO Votes believe that politics and fundraising has the potential for much more joy and fun then it is given credit for. If you will recall, last week we posted a story about the organization, American Crossroads GPS, well it seems that we aren’t the only ones that are hot on the trail of this controversial development. John Stewart and The Daily Show have compiled a whimsical summary of the events and the controversy surrounding their interactions. Though the humor isn’t suited for everyone, it most certainly is a great source of comedic relief for the weary!

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