Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hello! Welcome to MO fund, MO votes. It's our goal to provide to you with information about the 2010 Missouri Democratic candidates’ advocacy groups and fundraising. Essentially, this means that we will be taking a look at who are the financial backers of these candidates as they push through the 2010 local elections.

The campaign trail is a long and arduous journey to the election date. It requires strict organization, many dedicated members, and a lot of financial support. In the early 19th century the term “political machine” was coined to describe the critical and relentless organizational system of a party’s political campaign. (Encyclopedia Britannica)
When looking at a “political machine” through the scope of today’s campaign trail, we see that the focus of the machine (gaining and keeping power) is applicable as well. Every campaign must be run with extreme efficiency and every part of the machine must be connected in order to be both effective and successful.

Advocacy is an essential part of the machine and has many inter-connecting pieces that are absolutely crucial to every candidate’s campaign. Political Action Committees (PACs) and their non-profit counterparts, 527s, are special interest groups that raise money for a specific candidate’s campaign. These two allied parts of the “machine” create funds that make spreading the campaign’s message possible and their advocacy is extremely dependent on the relationship with candidate. We will also look at why and to what degree the major donors connect to the candidate.
For advocacy and fundraising information on specific democratic candidates, check back every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights until the election on November 2nd.

Week 1 – How much money is being spent in MO?
Week 2- US Senator (Robin Carnahan)
Week 3- State Senator (Wes Shoemyer)
Week 4- State Auditor (Susan Montee)
Week 5- Local Races (Circuit Clerk, Circuit Judge)
Week 6- State Representative (District 1) (Keri Cotrell)
Week 7-State Representative (District 2) (Rebecca McClanahan)

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